Terms & Conditions


  1. We specialise in all areas of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). We can access to records for many other countries and have experience with US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand records, but our expertise is in UK research.
  2. The best available British family and military records cover the 1840s through to the 1930s. Information for the 1940s and beyond is patchier, so it helps if you can provide details about your grandparents etc.  We can research much further back than 1840 – through the 1700s and beyond – but the records are more limited and harder to access and read.

Please note that we offer a free initial consultation, so feel free to contact us before committing to any payment.  It’s not a sales pitch; we enjoy the challenge of proper family research and want to provide you with value for money.  

Terms & Conditions

When you commission us to do research, we ask that you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. We will use information provided by you as a basis for our research. The more you can provide the better, but please let us know which elements are definite and which are (even slightly) uncertain, as we cannot be held responsible for any errors arising from inaccuracies in the information originally supplied to us.
  2. Sometimes it may not be possible to trace a particular ancestor – for example if a key record has been lost or the person changed their name and moved away. We will let you know if a particular line of enquiry seems to be taking too much time and we cannot guarantee to achieve all the agreed research aims, despite our best efforts.  If it is not possible to complete a project you will only be charged for the research up to that point.
  3. Especially if analysing DNA results, we may discover unexpected facts about your family. We accept no liability for any resulting upset, damage or inconvenience.
  4. Prices include all online research and reporting etc. In rare cases we may suggest purchasing birth, marriage or death certificates, but with our access to subscription-only archives this is not usually necessary.  It’s also possible we may find useful photographs or other images for which we have to buy the copyright.  We will check with you before doing so and any charges will be passed on at cost.
  5. Unless you ask us to visit somewhere, no travel is normally required. If travel is required, we will agree any costs first.
  6. We will confirm the cost and expected timescale before starting any research. Timescales will depend on the amount of research required and our current workload.  We will try to expediate urgent tasks (for example if you need something for a funeral) but otherwise we work on a first come, first served basis.
  7. For smaller tasks we normally require payment up front. For larger projects we require a deposit up front, with the balance paid in instalments and/or before final delivery.
  8. Our charges are in £ sterling (GBP). Payment via bank transfer or Paypal (including major credit cards in any currency).  Prices shown in (US)$ are for information only as exchange rates may vary.  
  9. Normally, results will be sent by email. If you’ve ordered a printed tree or other material this will be mailed by recorded delivery.
  10. Forest Genealogy provides reports and background information for your personal use and retains the copyright on the text provided and associated research notes.