Help with Family Research

Taking Your Research Further

If you have started your own research but have run out of time or information we can help.  Or if you’ve come across a ‘brick wall’ that’s holding up your research, we can help to work through it.  

Sorting Out a Muddle

If you have a computer/online family tree, in any recognised format, we can add directly to it.  If it’s in a muddle, we can sort it out, check that you’re on the right track, or move it to another platform.  You can then continue your own research from a reliable baseline.


Write it Up

A family tree is a great way to quickly visualise your ancestors and see where all your relations fit in.   It could include a photo of each person and some basic details, such as place and date of birth.  But it can’t show other photos, stories about them, details of where they lived, their work, or anything else about their life. 

Printed documentWe can turn your tree into a family story, which can include as much detail and as many pictures as you wish.  If you already have a family tree, notes, diaries photos, or other records we can organise these into a coherent family story that friends and family will appreciate.  Or we can do the research ourselves.  Invariably in writing up a family history we must do some additional research to fill in the gaps that emerge.

We can produce anything from a single page to a whole book, depending on how much information you already have and how much you are prepared to pay.  Our standard charge is £20 ($26) per hour.



Photos, Publishing and Websites

We can enhance faded or damaged photos and add colour to faces in monochrome/sepia photos. 


If you have a handwritten tree, or a tree that’s only available online, we can turn that into a printable form, and/or arrange for it to be printed in large format.

If you have a large, printable history or album we can arrange for it to be published in book format.

We can set up your own website so that anyone can learn about your family or your local area. 

Family History Tours

If you are coming to England, Wales or Scotland to research your family history we can help you make the most of your visit.

If you only have a few days, we can suggest visits to key sites.  If you have more time, we can arrange visits to the places your family lived – perhaps looking around the churches they used or identifying specific houses.  We can also organise visits to local archives.  These hold original documents and old maps not available elsewhere, but visits need to be booked and pre-planned.

As with our research, we do not have set fees; we do what you ask and charge the same amount – £20 ($26) per hour, plus any costs.  We can just help you plan, or if you are unsure about driving on the left side of the road or using a manual shift after a long flight, we can pick you up from the airport. 

If you are not able to travel, we can organize a video tour of the places you want to visit.